Soft Moonlight Ribbed Yoga Set - Peach

Soft Moonlight Ribbed Yoga Set - Peach

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When you jump out of the bed in the morning ready for a gym or yoga session you don't want to waste any time looking for a perfect outfit. We've got you covered. This sculpting ribbed super soft set not only looks divine but has all the important features every fitness oriented woman is looking for. Breathable fabric feels irresistibly soft and smooth while providing a gently compressive feel that hugs your body so you can stretch and move without limits. Sweat wick formula keeps you fresh throughout the work out, wide waist band supports the belly and provides a flattering feeling. The wide bra's under band provides extra support. Great for light sports, biking, low and medium impact workouts, yoga, pilates and any kind of daily activities.


  • Breathable
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Medium support
  • Removable Bra Pads


  •  S
    • Bust: 70cm
    • Bra Length: 30cm
  • M
    • Bust: 74cm
    • Bra Length: 31cm
  • L
    • Bust: 78cm
    • Bra Length: 32cm
  • S
    • Waist: 38cm
    • Hip: 73cm
    • Length: 44cm
  • M
    • Waist: 62cm
    • Hip: 77cm
    • Length: 46cm
  • L
    • Waist: 66cm
    • Hip: 81cm
    • Length: 48cm