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Unleash your inner yogi with our Long-Sleeve Ribbed Yoga Crop Top, the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. Crafted from high-quality spandex and nylon blend, this crop top offers unparalleled super elasticity ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit for your yoga, pilates, sports, or fitness sessions. Its ribbed texture adds a touch of style, making it not just a workout essential, but a trendy statement piece too. With long sleeves providing extra coverage, you can transition seamlessly from training to relaxation. Remember to consult our detailed size chart for the perfect fit. Elevate your fitness game; slip into the future of activewear.


  • Super elastic spandex and nylon blend for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Stylish ribbed texture, perfect for yoga, pilates, sports, and fitness
  • Long sleeves offer extra coverage and versatility
  • Trendy crop top design for a fashion-forward workout statement
  • Crafted for maximum flexibility and durability during intense workouts
  • Lightweight and breathable, allowing for effortless movement


  • Material: High-quality spandex and nylon blend
  • Fit: Slim fit, super elasticity
  • Sleeve Length: Long sleeve
  • Design: Ribbed texture, crop top style



  • S
    • Bust: 66cm (26.0″)
    • Bottom: 60cm (23.6″)
    • Length: 40cm (15.7″)
  • M
    • Bust: 70cm (27.6″)
    • Bottom: 64cm (25.2″)
    • Length: 41cm (16.1″)
  • L
    • Bust: 74cm (29.1″)
    • Bottom: 68cm (26.8″)
    • Length: 43cm (16.9″)
  • XL
    • Bust: 78cm (30.7″)
    • Bottom: 72cm (28.3″)
    • Length: 44cm (17.3″)

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