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Introducing our stylish and trendy Padded One-Shoulder Sports Bra & V-Waist Yoga Leggings Set, designed to make a statement while offering maximum comfort and support. The sexy one-shoulder sports bra features a unique and eye-catching design, with a removable pad for customizable coverage and shaping. Made from a high-quality blend of nylon and spandex, this set is perfect for various activities such as pilates, sports training, and fitness workouts.

The V-waist yoga leggings are crafted with a focus on both style and functionality. The elastic waistband ensures a snug fit and allows for easy movement, while the ankle-length design adds a touch of flair. These leggings are not only squat-proof, but also shockproof, providing you with the confidence to push your limits during your yoga sessions. The high waist design offers optimal coverage and support, while the stylish patterns and colors will make you stand out from the crowd. Get ready to elevate your workout wardrobe with this complete set that combines fashion and performance.


  • Sexy one-shoulder sports bra with a removable pad for customizable coverage.
  • V-waist yoga leggings with an elastic waistband for a snug fit and easy movement.
  • Perfect for various activities such as pilates, sports training, and fitness workouts.
  • Shockproof leggings for added confidence during intense yoga sessions.
  • Squat-proof design ensures worry-free workouts.
  • Ankle-length leggings with high waist for optimal coverage and support.
  • Complete set with a stylish and trendy design that makes a statement.


  • Material: Nylon and spandex blend for a comfortable and flexible fit.
  • Length: Ankle-length leggings for added style.
  • Waist: Elastic waistband for a secure and adjustable fit.
  • Coverage: Padded one-shoulder sports bra for customizable coverage and shaping.
  • Support: High waist design for optimal support during workouts.
  • Performance: Shockproof and squat-proof for intense training sessions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various activities such as yoga, pilates, and sports training.



  • S
    • Bust: 66cm (26.0″)
    • Bottom: 60cm (23.6″)
    • Length: 10cm (3.9″)
  • M
    • Bust: 70cm (27.6″)
    • Bottom: 64cm (25.2″)
    • Length: 10cm (3.9″)
  • L
    • Bust: 74cm (29.1″)
    • Bottom: 68cm (26.8″)
    • Length: 11cm (4.3″)
  • XL
    • Bust: 78cm (30.7″)
    • Bottom: 72cm (28.3″)
    • Length: 11cm (4.3″)


  • S
    • Waist: 54cm (21.3″)
    • Hip: 74cm (29.1″)
    • Length: 89cm (35.0″)
  • M
    • Waist: 58cm (22.8″)
    • Hip: 78cm (30.7″)
    • Length: 90cm (35.4″)
  • L
    • Waist: 62cm (24.4″)
    • Hip: 82cm (32.2″)
    • Length: 91cm (35.8″)
  • XL
    • Waist: 66cm (26.0″)
    • Hip: 86cm (33.9″)
    • Length: 92cm (36.2″)

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Monica L

I absolutely love this sports bra and leggings set! The one-shoulder design adds a sexy and unique touch, while the removable pad allows me to customize the level of support. The leggings are incredibly comfortable and squat-proof, perfect for my yoga sessions. Highly recommend!

Madelyn G

I love this it looks exactly like it does in the photo. 

Cora L

Obsessed with this set and I’ve been wearing it almost daily since getting it.The fabric is soft and stretchy, and the elastic waistband on the leggings ensures a perfect fit.

Padded One-Shoulder Sports Bra & V-Waist Yoga Leggings Set