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Elevate your workout game with our cutting-edge Workout Outfit Set, featuring a Long Sleeve Crop Top and High Waist Scrunch Butt Leggings. Designed to keep you ahead of the sports trends, this set combines fashion-forward style with high-performance functionality. The Long Sleeve Crop Top boasts a unique button accent and is crafted from a blend of nylon and spandex, ensuring optimal flexibility and anti-friction comfort during intense workout sessions. Whether you’re hitting the gym or running outdoors, the breathable and compressed fabric offers unparalleled support while keeping you cool.

Paired with the Long Sleeve Crop Top, our High Waist Scrunch Butt Leggings are a statement of confidence. The high waist design provides excellent coverage and tummy control, while the ankle-length cut keeps you comfortable and in style. The innovative scrunch butt detailing adds a touch of allure, making these leggings a must-have in your fitness equipment collection. Embrace the future of activewear with this dynamic duo that combines functionality, trendiness, and comfort seamlessly.


  • Unique button-accented Long Sleeve Crop Top for a distinctive look
  • Nylon and spandex blend for anti-friction comfort and flexibility
  • Compressed and breathable fabric for ultimate performance
  • High waist design and ankle length for optimum coverage
  • Scrunch butt detailing for added style and confidence
  • Perfect for running, gym workouts, and sports enthusiasts
  • Stay ahead of sports trends with this fashion-forward set


  • Material: Nylon and spandex blend
  • Sleeve: Long sleeve
  • Waist: High waist
  • Leggings Length: Ankle length



  • S
    • Bust: 80cm (31.5″)
    • Bottom: 66cm (26.0″)
    • Length: 42cm (16.5″)
  • M
    • Bust: 84cm (33.1″)
    • Bottom: 70cm (27.6″)
    • Length: 43cm (16.9″)
  • L
    • Bust: 88cm (34.6″)
    • Bottom: 74cm (29.1″)
    • Length: 31cm (12.2″)
  • XL
    • Bust: 92cm (36.2″)
    • Bottom: 78cm (30.7″)
    • Length: 44cm (17.3″)


  • S
    • Waist: 50cm (19.7″)
    • Hip: 74cm (29.1″)
    • Length: 86cm (33.9″)
  • M
    • Waist: 54cm (21.3″)
    • Hip: 78cm (30.7″)
    • Length: 87cm (34.3″)
  • L
    • Waist: 58cm (22.8″)
    • Hip: 82cm (32.2″)
    • Length: 88cm (34.6″)
  • XL
    • Waist: 62cm (24.4″)
    • Hip: 86cm (33.9″)
    • Length: 89cm (35.0″)


  • Try on size M
    • Height: 174cm (68.5″)
    • Weight: 55 Kg
    • Bust: 88cm (34.6″)
    • Waist: 60cm (23.6″)
    • Hip: 102cm (40.2″)

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Lydia K

This has become my go to set… it’s a pretty fresh color with great material and thickness. Even after washing the material is still good.

Piper M

I love how it fits my body! The high waist pulls you in very well!

Emery H

This set fits so well, is very flattering. I always get a compliment when wearing it and I feel supported and secure.

Jasmine J

Such a cute outfit and great quality. 

Workout Outfit Set – Long Sleeve Crop Top & High Waist Scrunch Butt Leggings